Unity Error - the namespace RigibodyFirstPersonController already contains a definition. Fix - EqualReality 0.017.000 20180613 Unitypackage

After importing the SDK, Unity presents the following error in the console.

Assets/Equal Reality/Equal Reality API/Required Third Party/Standard Assets/Characters/FirstPersonCharacter/Scripts/RigidbodyFirstPersonController.cs(9,18): error CS0101: The namespace `UnityStandardAssets.Characters.FirstPerson' already contains a definition for `RigidbodyFirstPersonController'.

This error prevents Equal Reality from launching in Unity

Posted 1 years ago
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To fix this error, you will need to do the following.

1 - Remove the script in question 'RigidBodyFirstPersonController.cs' and any files that require it 'HeadBob.cs'. 2 - Let Unity recompile with a result of no errors (after hitting clear) 3 - Add the files back (probably best to do this in the same folder they came from. 4 - Let Unity recomple, which should result in no more errors.

I made a video of how to do this here

Posted 1 years ago
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