NullReferenceException - TransformBindings - IKSolver. Runtime error when playing in Unity Editor

When running a meeting scene, this error is created every frame.

UnityEngine.Transform.get_localPosition () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/bindings_old/common/Core/TransformBindings.gen.cs:41)
RootMotion.FinalIK.IKSolver+Point.FixTransform () (at Assets/Equal Reality/Equal Reality API/Plugins/RootMotion/FinalIK/IK Solvers/IKSolver.cs:184)
RootMotion.FinalIK.IKSolverTrigonometric.FixTransforms () (at Assets/Equal Reality/Equal Reality API/Plugins/RootMotion/FinalIK/IK Solvers/IKSolverTrigonometric.cs:122)
RootMotion.FinalIK.BipedIK.FixTransforms () (at Assets/Equal Reality/Equal Reality API/Plugins/RootMotion/FinalIK/BipedIK/BipedIK.cs:265)
RootMotion.SolverManager.Update () (at Assets/Equal Reality/Equal Reality API/Plugins/RootMotion/Shared Scripts/SolverManager.cs:69)

Posted 1 years ago
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This error means you have two Biped IK Script's on your characters.

In your meeting that presents this error

  • Check each character. Which part of the charact to check

  • and make sure they only have one Biped IK (Script) How to identify and remove the culprit script

Remove the second Biped IK (Script) if it exists

Posted 1 years ago