SDK Bug - Text on Buttons

Text is not accurately displayed on buttons. It is currently displayed backwards.

SDK Version 0.017.003

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago
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This bug is now fixed. An update has gone out today (2018 07 25) solving this issue. SDK Version

Allison, Annie has also detailed a temporary fix for the previous verion of the SDK.

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago

This is not a bug, rather, the backwards text was the result of user error.

The characters in the scene were originally positioned outside of the white cube outline. Moving the characters back into the boundaries of the cube resulted in the text on the buttons being displayed correctly.

Posted 1 years ago
It still sounds like a bug, or something that can be improved in the SDK. Can you post screenshots of the backwards text from the inspector and what you did to create it? Brennan Hatton   1 years ago Report
Unfortunately I didn't capture any screenshots during this build and will not have access to VR for the next few weeks. I have documented other button issues in my latest build and will put up a new post with photos and video. Allison Reid   1 years ago Report