Changing Character Icons for Data Presentation or in the SDK

How are the images of the characters that come up in the data scene changed? If the data scene is showing the wrong character icons or the content meeting scene is displaying the wrong character images

Posted 1 years ago
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You can change the image by changing the characters body reference.

This can be done from the

Character Object (or prefab) -> Human Body Component -> Body Type (dropdown)

If you make these changes on the prefabs you wont have to keep making these changes for every new character you create.

Project View ->Equal Reality -> Resources -> Equal Reality -> Prefabs -> Characters -> Select a character ->Inspector -> Human Body Component -> Body Type (dropdown)

Video tutorial here

Posted 1 years ago

A bit of follow up feedback here. During my most recent build, this solution worked like a charm for all characters in the library, except for Freddy Casual.

For some reason, the Freddy Casual Icon displays as Freddy Navy despite the correct Character Prefab / Body Type alignment.

Photos from the inspector found here:

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago
This is because there is no image for Freddy Casual. Instead I just duplicated the image for Freddy Navy. You can see the images in Project View -> Equal Reality/Resources/Equal Reality/Images/ (Characters / Character Sprites / Character Icons). Brennan Hatton   1 years ago Report
Copy that. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the images. Allison Reid   1 years ago Report