Adding a narrative, unembodied voice to a scene

What is the best way to add a narrative, unembodied voice to a scene that is not a “Mirror Scene”. Specifically, I am looking to create a ‘Reflection Scene’ for the User to have time to process the content scenario they just experienced and reflect on how they may behave differently, if roles were reversed. The narrative voice will guide them through this thought process.

2D sound could work, though I would also like to experiment with 3D sound. For instance, I would like to test what it feels like to have a loud voice emanating from the galaxy at the edge of the Atrium environment - voice of God style.

Posted 1 years ago
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I do narrative voices as the user speaking to the user playing regular lipsync files.

You could potentially use another character in the scene positioned in space with their renderers turned off so they are invisible to give the 3d effect rather than the sound coming from the user's head.

Posted 1 years ago