Can I direct a line of dialog to a "Next Event"?

I am looking to build the following experience flow:

In this case, a user is presented with a set of 3 buttons / three options. One of the three buttons / options is "correct" and when this button is pressed, the conversation will proceed to a line of dialog that, in turns, moves the conversation forward to the second set of buttons.

If one of the two "incorrect" buttons is pressed, the user hears lines of dialog that then return the user to the original set of buttons - so that they can make a second attempt to answer correctly. The user remains in this loop until they answer correctly.

When programming buttons, creators are able to direct each button to the "Next Event". Can we do this with lines of dialog as well?

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The "counter" option under branch dialog should be the answer to this. However I'm running into a similar bug on my build.

I put the counter event pointing to a final piece of dialog, however once that event has concluded it continues from the original counter location.

EG: Event 1 - dialog Event 2 - counter points to line 15 Event 15 - dialog Event 3 - dialog

I would expect Line 16 to play instead of line 3.