Fade to black + Dialog

Hello fellow Creators,

How can I fade to black at the end of a scene? Can I control the length in which the User remains in the dark void?

I would also like to insert lines of dialog into this moment. To do so, would I simply use a LipSync file which would then be spoken by a character in the scene?


Using SDK 0.018.001

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Hey Allison,

1 - Use the EventAfterTime.cs compontent to pick when you want to fade to black

2 - Have it update the Screen Fader . SetFadeBool(bool fade)

3 - Have it (or another EventAfterTime.cs) play the audio file from. Tip: You dont need to animate the face with lipsync if you cant see the face, just play an audio file direclty from the audio source. You can still make the sound come from the characters mouth by finding the audio source parented under the bone structure of the character

*This method wont be so helpful if you are using branching, as you cant predict when a user will finish as easily. I will try and build a solution into fix this

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago