SDK 0.018.001 - Customised Button Interface

I am looking to do some UX testing on a few different button interfaces. With this in mind, I am attempting to rearrange the alignment and spacing of a set of 3 buttons. Here is a screenshot of me trying to test a vertical alignment. As you see in the second photo, unfortunately, when I hit 'Prepare to build' and 'Play' the standard default button interface appears in the experience in lieu of my customised set.


Potentially relevant detail: When I tested my custom UI, I was working on a scene that I had already created to test the default button interface. Is it possible that there was a problem with me testing on branching events that I had uploaded prior to creating my own button UI? I did make sure to set my new interface as the default by dragging it into the VRUI parent (seen in photo above) but I'm now wondering if the order in which I created this experience mattered more than originally thought.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago
When you get a chance, post the solution we found on our call. Brennan Hatton   1 years ago Report
I tested what I assumed would be the solution after our call and it did not work. I am going to test again today. I will follow up with results shortly. Allison Reid   1 years ago Report
Update: I confirmed that the solution we discussed does not work. I also tried turning off the default button ui in the inspector, and ensuring that my custom button ui was setup appropriately. The result was no buttons at all. Allison Reid   1 years ago Report
Was this ever fixed? Brennan Hatton   1 years ago Report
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