Issue with branch "counter"

SDK 018.001

In the meeting scene I have an event branch where I want to end the scene, I use a counter at event #10 pointing to Event #22 (the final event). What I want to happen is for Event #22 to play and the scene to finish. What actually happens is that Event #22 plays and then Event #11 plays, then Event #12 etc.

Not sure if this is what is meant to happen but if there was an option for a GoTo button where the Event carries on from the directed point, Eg Event #10 is a GoTo branch pointing to Event #22, then the next event is Event #23 (or scene end) etc.

Posted 11 months ago
I am working on solution for this! Thanks Chris Brennan Hatton   11 months ago Report
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This has been fixed with SDK019. Counter now continues from pointed event. Addition of end scene event helps too.

Posted 10 months ago