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SDK 019 Unity 2018.2.1f1

I am encountering a situation where the addition of new meeting scenes under an existing scenario makes the camera rig start spinning creating discomfort for the user. It only occurs 25% of the time during play throughs and only on the new meeting scenes.

I turn off the auto move to next scene bool under advanced options, and create an end meeting event that points to the next meeting scene in the current scenario.

The spinning occurs when I begin the next scene. It stops when the headset is moved up and down (head nod).

Posted 1 years ago
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SDK 019 Unity 2018.2.1f1

In my instance, the reason I was creating new meeting scenes was to avoid having extra mirrors in the scene selector.

To get around the spinning issue, I created the scenarios I want to have scene selectors for, then for the additional scenes, I create a new meeting scenario for each. I am then able to remove the mirror scene from the scenario and remove the extra selection slider in the advanced options of the selection slider manager.

I then pointed the next scenario list in the meeting manager to the desired scenario.

However, in my examples I did not require a results scene, as this would impact which scenario the data would come from.

Posted 1 years ago

Instructions to recreate the spinning:

In a scenario - in addition to the mirror and meeting scene, create a new scene.

In the previous meeting scene, under advanced options, uncheck bool for auto move to next scene, add an end meeting event with the scenario controller turning on the group and linking the gameobject of the required scene.

The camera rig will begin to spin when the new scene starts.

Posted 1 years ago
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