Adding Audio Feedback to Buttons

How do I add audio feedback to buttons, so that when a user reaches out and touches a button they first hear a 'button click' followed by their selected line of dialog?

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UX testing shows that users love feedback! By associating audio and visual cues with user interaction opportunities, you create a sense of certainty for users to know that their choices are being registered within the experience. The end result is a greater sense of immersion; as the feedback keeps users present within the experience and not left distacted, questioning whether or not their choice made an impact.

Adding audio feedback to buttons is simple! To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Find a 'Button Click' sound effect that you like, save as a WAV file, and drag the file into your project's relevant asset folder.
  2. In your Meeting Scene, create a Button Event.
  3. In the Button Event, drag and drop your 'Button Click' WAV file into the field labeled 'User Voicing Option'.
  4. Enter the dialog text into the field labeled 'User Option' as you would normally do.
  5. Leave the Button Event and create a new Dialog Event in which you drag and drop the associated LipSync asset.
  6. Finally, return to the original Button Event and in the field labeled 'Next Event', direct the button to the relevant line of dialog by pointing to the Dialog Event number created above.

Here is a photo for reference:

The resulting UX will be as follows:

Buttons appear. The user reaches out and chooses the button of their choice. Upon doing so, the user hears a button click, the buttons disappear, and the chosen line of dialog is immediatedly played.

Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago