Adding Static Characters (tutorial)

In some cases, we want to have background people, but we don't want to add animating characters. In these cases, static photogrammetry scans of people are a good option.

In this scene we have an empty feeling library. We're going to add some characters from www.renderpeople.com . This site contains various photogrammetry scans, ranging in price depending on if they're static or rigged. We are looking for the static characters, which usually cost $50 each, although some situations could warrant purchasing a "set" of characters, which are in the $300 - $400 range.

(For use of the Equal Reality internal team only) I've added all the characters I've downloaded to Equal Reality Technology > Working Asset Library > RenderPeople. Each folder has an image showing you what the character looks like, in our case we'll use "Mei Posed"

Above is the picture associated with "Mei Posed" scan

Import the 30k.fbx asset into your scene, along with the associated texture folder. If the character is very close and you want a higher detail, you can import the 100k, but keep with smaller polies if possible.

Add your character under your environment folder, under a file called StaticCharacters

Check the "static" box on your imported character. This will make it so that it is able to accept the lightbaking.

Once you're ready, head over to the lightbaking tutorial, and follow the instructions, to make sure your static character matches the room's lighting levels.

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