Baking Lighting

Baking lighting is simple! To play with or edit lights, go into the "lighting" tab (usually next to the inspector, if its not there, its under Window / Lighting)

This is what we're looking for. Now first thing, make sure you turn off "Auto Generate", at the bottom of the lighting tab.

There are really 2 lightbaking profiles I use- the first is to test lighting. Change the parameters to the following settings:

  • Skybox Material None
  • Sun Source None
  • Environment Lighting
  • Source Color
  • Ambient Source Hex# 30425A
  • Ambient Mode Baked (default, greyed out)
  • Environment Reflections Skybox
  • Resolution 128
  • Compression Uncompressed
  • Intensity Multiplier 1
  • Bounces 1
  • Realtime Global Illumination OFF
  • Baked Global Illumination ON
  • Lighting Mode Baked Indirect
  • Lightmapper Enlighten
  • Indirect Illumination 2
  • Lightmap Resolution 40
  • Lightmap Padding 5
  • Lightmap Size 128
  • Compress Lightmaps OFF
  • Ambient Occlusion ON
  • Max Distance 1
  • Indirect Contribution 1.71
  • Direct Contribution 1.14
  • Final Gather ON
  • Ray Count 1024
  • Denoising ON
  • Directional Mode Directional
  • Indirect Intensity 1.1
  • Albedo Boost 1
  • Lightmap Parameters Default - High Resolution
  • Fog OFF
  • Halo Texture None
  • Halo Strength 0.5
  • Flare Fade Speed 3
  • Flare Strength 1
  • Spot Cookie Soft
  • Auto Generate OFF**

Now, back in your scene. To set up your lights, make them "static", and set them to "baked"

Select all your lit mesh objects, and set them to "static" as well.

Now go back to your lighting tab and click "generate lighting". Its like putting a cake in the oven.

You can change and update your lighting, but you won't see any changes to your scene until you re-bake your lighting.

When you're ready to get your final lighting pass, go into a top view, and (if you have more than one scene) note down its original XYZ position in notepad or on a piece of paper, and then move it far enough away that the environment objects aren't overlapping each other.

Go into your lighting tab, and change your Lightmap Size to 2048. Hit Generate Lighting. It will take MUCH longer this time, but it will be crisp and clear.

When you're done, copy your original position values back onto any environment objects you moved, so that they return to their original position.

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